Further additions to both graphics files to show thi week. There are now 100 generic leader portraits in the “Leaders” file and a start has been made on specific personality portraits with 10 North African, Ottoman & Central Asian ones being added to the file starting at slot 600. Details of each and every graphic are in the “Leader Image Planning Grid” file but for now here are the details of which nations are represented, you will see that a scenario designer now has a wide range of Central Asian states to work with, that can be matched married up with the 15 generic Tatar unit portraits in the “Units” file.

Images 000-003 = Mamluk generic leaders & flags
Images 004-019 = Minor Turcoman states leaders & flags 004-007 Karamanid, 008-011 Dulkadirid, 012-015  Ramadan  & 016-019 Turcoman mercenary leaders.
Images 020-042 = Minor Arab states leaders & flags 020-023 Persian Gulf States, (inc Oman) 020-027 Kingdom of Granada, 028-031 Zayyanid, 032-033 Algiers Ottoman Period, 034-035 Arab Mercenary Leaders, 036-039 Hafsid & 040-042 Barbary pirate standards.
Images 043-049 = Ottoman Turk  leaders & flags
Images 050-059 = Tatar Mercenary Leaders
Images 060-063 = Crimean Tarter leaders & flags
Images 064-067 = Northern Yuan Mongol  leaders & flags
Images 068-099 = Other Tatar Khanates leaders & flags 068-071 Kazan Khanate, 072-074 Nogai Horde, 076-079 Uzbek Shaybanid Empire, 080-083 Khanate of Bukhara, 084-087 Chagati Khanate, 088-091 Khanate of Kazakh, 092-094 Khanate of Astrakhan, 096-099 Khanate of Siberia 

Images 600-601 = Barbary pirate leaders
Images 602-606 = Ottoman Turk  leaders
Images 607-609 = Mongol & Uzbek leaders

In the “Units file itself I have added 15 camp follower images and also 5 generic animal heard ones. I have various scenario design plans for these both involving stock theft and the employment of herds of stampeding cattle to break up the enemies battle line, a tactic used in this period by both Japanese and African armies. The images in the “Units” file now break down as follows.

Images 000-016 = Mamluk units (17 portraits)
Images 017-024 = generic Turcoman units (8 portraits)
Images 025-039 = generic Arab units (15 portraits)
Images 040-079 = Ottoman Turk units (40 portraits)
Images 080-094 = Crimean Tatar units (15 portraits)
Images 095-104 = Northern Yuan units (10 portraits)
Images 105-119 = generic Tatar units (15 portraits)
Images 120-123 = Mamluk, Turcoman or Arab Camp Followers & Supplies (4 portraits)
Images 124-127 = Persian or Ottoman Camp Followers & Supplies (4 portraits)
Images 128-131 = Mongol, Tatar or Uzbek  Camp Followers & Supplies (4 portraits)
Images 132-134 = African States Camp Followers & Supplies (3 portraits)
Images 135-139 = Animal herds (5 portraits)

I now have enough graphic images to start producing modified REN scenarios to use them. First up will be the Mamluk verses Ottoman battles of Marj Dabik, and Raydaniyah, along with a entirely new REN scenario covering the earlier Mamluk victory over the Ottomans at Adana in 1488. Please see below screenshots of the new graphics mentioned above.



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