Just a quick blog this week. As I have been back to work not much chance to work on the website. I have added some links to video tutorials on YouTube about and brief introduction to “Field Of Glory Digital, (which I will expand on an and refine later.

Two bits of good news on the scenario design front I have found additional source material including maps and orders of battle for my first post 1492 scenario the battle of Tondibi which was fought in March 1591 between an invading  Moroccan  army under Judar Pasha  and the forces of the Songhai Empire led by its ruler Askia Ishaq II. This means that this one will be appearing on the website sooner than planned.

Also I have now got my hands on European character versions of the Arabic words for right wing, left wing, centre, rear guard & advance guard divisions which will give my order of battle for the Muslim side in my forthcoming scenario for the battle of Tours in 732 AD a more authentic feel.

Finally I have now finished a further round of playtesting for my battle of Las Navas De Tolosa 1212AD scenario so should be able to get a further and hopefully a final reworking of it underway this week.

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