As promised last week here are the final 67 images for the armies of the British Isles. There are 7 Anglo Irish unit portraits, (the Borderer, Western European Rebel & Romanian Frank images already provided can be used interchangeably with these) 30 of "Traditional Irish Troops" and another 30 for the modernised Irish  armies fighting the 9 Years War in the 1590's and early 1600's. For the Spanish troops involved here see the "Later Spanish" to be added later and for Irish irregulars and allies fighting on both  use the "Traditional Irish Troops" described above) 

As the Irish units have pale green portrait backgrounds they can used the generic baggage and camp follower images already in the mod for the German Protestant Peasant revolt.

With the addition of the latest images the "Units" file now contains 960 unit portraits and is I guess now about 60% finished. I now need to bring the "Leaders" file up to the same level of coverage and in fact have some English leader portraits already done.

I am also going to expand the scope of the large MS Word table documents I have created to plot what is where in the mod's "Units" & "Leaders"  files to include scenario designers notes on which images can be used with which to best effect. I will post an example of what this will look like when I have got part way through working on both documents. Fully updated versions of both documents will be included in the next beta release of the mod.



2/3/2015 04:19:41 am

Fantastic job on the pictures and flags. Will you do so for the Dutch as well? I am postponing buying Pike & Shot until it has Dutch scenarios.In the meantime I am playing Renaissance, but some of the graphics for the Dutch could be improved, starting with the strange flags.

Thank you for all your excellent work!


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