150 additions to the “units” file to show this week. The breakdown is as follows “Landsknecht Style” Mercenary Artillery = 5 unit portraits, Italian States Units = 50 unit portraits, Later 16th Century Western European Mercenary Infantry & Artillery = 30 unit portraits, Swiss = 32 unit portraits, and German Imperialists = 33 unit portraits. Please see these below.

In addition there are another 30 unit portraits for Balkan troops (Stradioti & Croats etc) already made up which I will add to the file once I have made up and added another 20 or so “Other German Troops” to enable the mod to deal with the German Peasants War of 1525-1526, Once these and the Balkan troops are added I will do late 15th Century and Early 16th Century Hungarians and then go back to the leader file to bring its coverage in to line with the available unit portraits.

Finally I now have a decent block of annual leave book between Christmas and new year so should be able to get another beta version of the mod ready for release with 1 or more scenarios early in 2012.