This week has seen substantial changes to the scenario design resources available for “Field Of Glory Digital” with the release of its new 1.72 patch.  Not only do we have a whole new host of Viking figures along with a number of extra feudal knights and a few more Ancient Egyptian & Libyan figures, but the patch has seen any major reorganization of the way in which battlegroup images are stored and accessed in the scenario editor.

Up until last week, battlegroup images in the scenario editor, were accessed via folders for each expansion module.  This meant, that while you only needed the basic “Field of Glory Digital” game in order to play custom scenarios designed by other players, that you needed to possess the relevant expansion modules, to get access to the battlegroup images that shipped with those particular modules.

This has now changed.  Additional images to those which ship with the basic game are now organized into three top-level folders, called Ancient, Medieval, and Other. which contain separate nationality folders, Macedonian, Swiss etc in one of the 3 folders..  This avoids the duplication which occurred earlier, where individual nationality folders such as say Saxon or Frankish, might appear in  each of several different expansion module folders such as say Legions Triumphant & Decline and Fall. 

The really good news is that as of the latest patch you only have to  purchase and install one (any one) of the expansion modules, to get access for scenario design purposes to all the unit images in all three top level folders. Not only does this mean that a would be scenario designer “gets access to the lot for less” but it also makes creating preview scenarios for the game much simpler since you only need to make one for each of the three top folders. 

This week, once the new patch came out, I put on hold work on the Tours & Stamford Bridge scenarios that I am working on for “Wolves from the Sea” in order to create three new preview or window shopping scenarios.  These show each and every battlegroup available to scenario designers in the game and can be downloaded as a single package from the following link.

If you have “Field Of Glory Digital” and at least one expansion module you can view these using the “Edit Scenario” button. However if you just have “Field Of Glory Digital” and have not bought and installed any expansion modules yet, you will need to click on “New Scenario Battle” and look for the scenario in “Custom Game”. Once you have found it then set it up to play as a human verses human game. Each scenario has 1 battlegroup set up for side 1 and the rest for side two.  Be warned as each of these scenarios contains many hundreds of battle groups they will take quite a while to open.

The arrival of new unit images with the new patch means I will also need to revise my scenario for Brunanburh in order to incorporate the new Viking figures which a rather better than the various substitutes I had used originally.  It’s also really encouraging to see that  Slitherine are continuing to add battlegroup images to the game, which will be appropriate for the “Oath of Fealty” & “Swifter Than Eagles” modules, as this strongly suggests that we will get both of them after all.

Now that I have finished the new “Window-shopping” scenarios, once I have revised Brunanburh I will go back to working on a major revision of my Tours scenario, on which I have had some very helpful and constructive feedback  in the Slitherine forum and  from open play testing.  I will also update the book review section of this web site to incorporate the works I have used both for Tours and for the forthcoming Stamford Bridge scenario.

Enjoy the new scenario design opportunities J

All the best


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