Wile waiting for the results of what I hope will be the final round of playtesting of Las Navas De Tolosa 1212AD I have begun work on my next battle which is to be Tours 732 AD between the early Carolingian Frankish forces of Charles Martel and a raiding Andalusian Arab force under the command of Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi..

I have started with the map. This is the first scenario where I am making use of an out of playing area movement track to give the Frankish forces the option of a flank march down the eastern side of the map to come out in the rear of the Muslim position and raid their camp. I have uploaded a screenshot below of the northeastern corner of the map showing the start of this, which also shows the whole battlefield in less detail in the mini map in the bottom right.

Effectively we have an L shaped playing area with the main battle taking place along the vertical axis with the Muslim camp in the horizontal axis and the Franks having the option of feeding a raiding force along the movement track to approach this from the east. The scenario should always be played with fog of war on so that the Muslims don’t know if the Franks are going to take up the option to make a flank march until they debouch from the woods to attack the camp.

I am also using Tours to test out a new scenario documentation template in Microsoft Word which will sit inside the scenario folder but outside the data subfolder and contain detailed scenario design notes, orders of battle, a glossary of terms used, and sources employed for the Scenario. This will mean that only a brief introduction has to be put into the information box in the game itself.

I want to go down this route because any text for the information box in the game has to be copied in, and cannot be spell checked once its there, while laying everything out in a Word document makes it easier to present more information in a more user friendly format. Anybody who wants to have a look at the draft template I am using at the moment and wants to use it, as, is or modified for their own scenarios can download it here.


I now have a couple of weeks leave coming up the 1st of which will be in Weymouth were we are going for my 49th birthday during this time I expect to get some background reading in for some Viking & Carolingian scenarios I plan to work on later in the spring. To this end I will working my way through “The Viking Art Of War” by the late Paddy Griffith and I P Stephenson’s new book .”Viking Warfare.



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