My Tours 732 AD scenario is now ready for playtesting. Also inside  the scenario folder is the new style “Notes, OOB & Sources” file which is set up in landscape format for easy viewing and reference purposes.

This is the first scenario in which I have tried out the use of an off map movement track to give the Franks (but not the Arabs) the option of making a flank march on their left flank to attack the Arab camp, The scenario can be downloaded here.

Enjoy the scenario. I would be grateful for any comments feedback or AAR’s you might wish to make particularly on the “flank march” simulation method I have used and the way that I have used a MS Word file to provide extra scenario information. You can comment either using the reply facility here or in the Slitherine run “Field Of Glory Digital” forum. I have also expanded the book review section of this website to include the works used to make this scenario and done the same for the glossary section.

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