70 new images for the “Units” file  to show this week. Starting with  3 “Free Lancer” light cavalry portraits for the Swabian League, 17 assorted German and Swiss mercenaries and 20 revolting German protestant peasants ’. Finally there are the 30 Balkan troops I have had ready for some time.

For the German images I have drawn heavily on the Osprey book on the German Peasants War and the images of figures for the period available on the “Foundry Miniatures”  website. Please see the new images below.

I have also just completed source image collection for late 15th and early 16th century Hungarians and will do 30+ of these next. I will use one style of background flag for the national and feudal  forces and another for the mercenary units of the later 15th Centaury “Black Army”. At the same time I will do a full set of western and central European camp followers and baggage and then go on over charismas to bring the coverage of the “Leaders” file up to the same level.

When I started this mod I has set myself a limit of 1000 images for each of these files. It’s now very likely that this will have to be exceeded in both cases.

Also here is Dropbox link to download the whole of the current “Units” file with all 480 unit portraits.




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