Happy New Year. Over the Christmas break I have added a further 90 generic leader and flag images to the REN II mod. There are 20 generic Lansquenet and Later 16th centenary mercenary leaders. 10 generic  Lansquenet flags and 4 for Lansquenet units in French service including 1 for the “Black Bands.

I have also done flags for the forces of the German Protestant princes and cities of the Schmalkaldic League, Denmark and Sweden. Finally there are 48 images for flags and generic leaders for the various Italian states. Work on numerous specific leaders / characters is also well advanced but not ready to show yet. For particular leaders and members as specific noble families, (where these are available) I will be putting the relevant family coat of arms or family banner rather than a national flag in the background behind the figure. Here they all are.

As with all leader and unit images for the mod, details of the identity of each and every images have been recorded in the relevant “Leader Panning Grid” and “Unit Planning Grid” files, fully updated versions of which will ship with the next beta version of the mod I plan to release later this year.

Complements of the season


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