I have added 40 new unit images to the “Units”  file this week.(see below) At 120 its now bigger than the “Units” file for the original game. 15 of them are for the Khanate of the Crimea, long standing allies of the Ottomans and equally long standing foes (and some time allies) of the Poles Muscovites, Cossacks and Teutonic Knights. And yes unit images for all of those armies are on my to do list as well !

There are another 10 images for the Northern Yuan Dynasty, the remnant state in Mongolia of the Great Yuan Dynasty in China who gave the Ming a lot of trouble in the 16th centuries. 

Finally there are 15 generic Tatar images without background flags. These can be used for Tatar mercenaries serving in other peoples armies and for the troops of the other 7 smaller Khanates for which along with the Crimean Tatars and Northern Yuan I am going to do command units and flags for next.


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