At long last here are the leader portrait images for Spanish Armies from the era of Ferdinand & Isabella right through to those of Philip III at the end of the first phase of the 80 Years War.

First off we have 47 Generic leader images  followed by 32 specific leaders. Part of the reason these have taken so long to complete was that it made sense to work on French & Dutch specific leader portraits at the same time so that  there are now more than 60 of these ready to go into the "leaders" file once the unit file for those armies has been done.

Its also become clear in the last view weeks that by the end of the year the HPS "The Renaissance" game on which my REN II mod is based will no longer be the only "game in town" for turn based early modern warfare with  Slitherine planning to bring out their "Pike & Shot" title. The initial game will cover the 30 Years War with expansion modules (apparently coming out at around the same time) covering the English Civil War & the Italian Wars.

While it won't be feasible to use the REN II graphics (or even a enlarged version) with the "Pike & Shot" game (its designer Richard Bodley Scott was kind enough to do some advance testing for me) I will be producing additional custom scenarios for "Pike & Shot" and making them available on this website. Its layout will change to reflect this as well.



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