Now the Modding Kit is done and I have got my ideas about unit portraits pretty straight I have some decisions to make about leader graphics. I am pretty clear that I want two types of these. Firstly graphics of specific national, and unit flags  & banners, and secondly ones with a generals head and shoulders in the foreground with the relevant flag showing behind them.

The big question is with a usable graphics area behind the head and shoulders figure of 49 pixels high and 40 wide, is it better to have the flag in the “flying” position in which case it can be only 40 wide, or have it “dipped” so that it can be 49 pixels from end to end ?

Pros and cons here are that in this scale having the flag that bit larger will make its detail rather clearer but this is offset by having more of the flag obscured by the head and shoulders of the general in the foreground.

Included below are a couple of screenshots. The first of these shows a pure flag graphic. With no foreground figure and a few more pixels available (as there is no frame) I am clear that “dipped” is the way to go here. The screenshot also shows what the “French” leader box looks like when selected.

The second screenshot shows two alternative graphics styles (both depicting the French king Frances I) one with a “dipped” and the other with a “flying” flag. In both cases the leader box has not been selected.

What do you think ?

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