Having set this website up last week, I thought it would be good to get a blog going as well to explain and discuss the scenario design and other work I am doing for "Field of Glory Digital” (FOG PC) . Also, I thought I would use my first blog to outline my scenario design and other plans for the first quarter of 2012.

The scenarios available on the site as of now represent the scenario design work I have done over the last two years,  with the two scenarios featuring Anglo-Saxon armies, being my most recent creations.

Currently in play testing and due for another fairly major revision, (to balance it) before release, is a fairly large scenario from the wars of the Spanish reconquista covering  the battle of Las Navas De Tolosa fought on 16th July 1212 between a Castilian led  Christian army and the forces of theAlmohade Caliph,  Caliph Mohammed Abu Abd Allah assisted by some not very willing Andalusian allies. I aim to have this scenario available for download on the website by the end of the month, and will be putting it forward for inclusion with the "Oath of Fealty” module.

I am also currently working on the map and order of battle for my next scenario which covers the battle of Tours in 732 AD between the early Carolingian Frankish forces of Charles Martel (assisted by allies from Aquitaine) and A large raiding force  from the Umayyad Caliphate under the command of Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi the Governor-General of al-Andalus. I plan to follow this scenario with two others, one covering the battle of Lechfeld fought on 10 August 955 AD, (Germans verses Magyars) and the battle of Stamford Bridge fought on 25th September 1066. AD (Vikings verses Anglo–Saxons)

All 3 of these battles (which I will be putting forward for inclusion for the forthcoming “Wolves From the Sea” module) feature the arrival of reinforcements and / or  flanking forces once the major clash of armies  was underway. While the FOG PC games engine does not make allowance for this sort of thing as such I aim to use the “Impassable Hex” facility that does exist to create off map reinforcement boxes and movement paths to both delay the availability of reinforcements and to allow one side to choose to place a force in a designated location in the rear of their opponents during play. To prevent the blocking / misuse of  movement tracks by the wrong side I will be introducing powerful special static units to act as “Player Probity Guardians” (PPG’s) to protect the exits from deployment tracks.

Finally to get round the limitations of the information that can be placed in the text information boxes with individual scenarios I will be introducing for my own scenarios and making available for download, full colour “Order Of Battle” & “Designers Notes” templates in MS word which can be saved inside scenario folders (but outside the data folder) for easier scenario construction and viewing once a scenario has been finished.

Happy new year
Ian Leask

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