Quite a lot to show this week. I have added 40 Ottoman Turk portraits to the  “Units” file and increased the number of  portraits in the “Leaders” file to 48. These now include command units and flags for the Kingdom Of Granada, North African & Golf Arab states as well as a set for the Ottomans. Please see updated images of both files below.

For both files I have large MS Word tables to plot the identity and location if each and every portrait in the file. I  have also created much smaller summery files to make it easier to see at a glance what they contain. Its also easier to import these directly in to this blog to show what is in them. Here are the details so far.

Units File

Images 000-016 = Mamluk units (17 unit portraits)

Images 017-024 = generic Turcoman units (8 unit portraits)

Images 025-039 = generic Arab units (15 unit portraits)

Images 040-079 = Ottoman Turk units (40) unit portraits)

Leaders File

Images 000-003 = Mamluk generic leaders & flags

Images 004-019 = Minor Turcoman states leaders & flags 004-007 Karamanid, 008-011 Dulkadirid, 012-015  Ramadan  & 016-019 Turcoman mercenary leaders.

Images 020-042 = Minor Arab states leaders & flags 020-023 Persian Gulf States, (inc Oman) 020-027 Kingdom of Granada, 028-031 Zayyanid, 032-033 Algiers Ottoman Period, 034-035 Arab Mercenary Leaders, 036-039 Hafsid & 040-042 Barbary pirate standards.

Images 043-047 = Ottoman Turk  leaders & flags

The next stage is to start work on leader images for specific individuals and to do leader and unit images for the Tartar / Mongol nations. The Khanate’s of the Crimea and  Northern Yuan will get their own sets of dedicated unit images (15 and 10 respectively) as well as a set of 3 leaders and a flag each, and there will be 15 generic Tartar unit  images plus sets of 3 leaders and a flag for 6 smaller Khanates.



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