Back to work this week so progress has slowed down.but I have still managed to make quite a bit of progress with my Stamford Bridge scenario. I now have the map just about as I want it prior to playtesting and have also finished the draft orders of battle for both sides.

Setting these up using my new MS Word template certainly makes things a lot easier and quicker. Here is a link to the draft order of battle file with scenario notes,glossary and sources still to be added in.

As you will see my scenario for the battle steps right into the middle of the ongoing Anglo-Saxon cavalry debate. (did they or didn’t they fight on horseback)  In this refight of the battle I have drawn heavily on the work of the American medieval military historian Kelly DeVries, specifically his 1999 work “The Norwegian Invasion of England in 1066” published by Boydell Press, ISBN 1-84383-027-2. In this book drawing heavily on Saga and other sources he makes the case for Harold  fielding a substantial cavalry force at Stamford Bridge and using it to mount a series of attacks on the Viking Shield Wall.

Other sources I am using for my scenario include “1066: The Battles of York, Stamford Bridge and Hastings”  by  Peter Marren, Pen & Sword Books Ltd (6 Jun 2002) and an 11th century map of Norway found at

for the provincial unit titles of the Leidang Bondi contingents making up King Harald Hardrada’s Norwegian army.

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