I have decided to break my work on the graphics for this mod  down in  to 10 roughly equal stages. In the 1st I will do the Ottoman & Mamluk units along with the varies allies and axillaries that served on both sides in the 2 Mamluk / Ottoman wars. I will then be able to modify the existing Marj Dabik & Raydaniyah scenarios. I will also aim to do a completely new scenario from scratch for the battle of Adana 1488 AD where the Mamluks scored a victory over Ottoman forces. I have already designed published  a scenario for the battle for “Field Of Glory PC” and use this as a basis for the REN scenario.

 With work on the Ottoman unit portraits already underway I have started work on the Mamluk ones as well. The sources for the Mamluks themselves are mostly book based. However for their downtrodden foot soldiers and meagre artillery and firearm units I have chopped out head and shoulders sections from some of the many modds available over the net  for   “Mediaeval Total War III” resized them and in most cases matched them up with weapon fragments from other sources. Below are the 4 I have done today, An African hand gunner, archer and spearman levy infantry and an artilleryman.



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