Major additions to the "units" file this week with 87 Later Spanish (Charles V to Phillip III) unit portraits added to the file along with 10 Spanish camp follower and baggage portraits that the earlier (pre Charles V) Spanish can use as well. This finishes the Spanish section of the "units" file for now, although when I come to do Central & South American armies (Aztecs & Inca's etc.) I plan to add some native axillaries for Conquistador armies to use.  All 97 new images are shown below.

The next step will be to finish off the corresponding sets of leader images for both early and later Spanish Armies, (I have quite a lot of these already done as it made sense to make them up at the time I was working on Italian leaders last year) and add them to the "leaders" file. After that I will move on to working on Portuguese & French armies.



3/25/2014 07:48:22 am

Looking good.

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