Apologies for the delay, but, here at long last are the leader portraits for English Scottish & Irish renaissance armies, to go with the unit portraits released back in August of this year.  The coverage here is quite extensive with 71 generic leader portraits (see below)

& 89 specific ones. (See below also) 

In addition to the leadership for the main English Scottish & Irish armies from the early campaigns of Henry VIII to the end of the 9 Years War, I have also provided.  As many as possible of the relevant leaders for the various internal rebellions and conflicts in the British isles such as the "Pilgrimage Of Grace" the virtual civil war during the short-lived rain of Lady Jane Grey, and the later rising of the catholic "Northern Earls" along with the religious civil war that led to the deposition of Mary Queen of Scots. 

Not that major battles have been neglected either with a particularly large set of specific leaders for each side being provided for the battle of Flodden. I will now move on to covering Spanish and Portuguese armies.



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