Here at long last are the first of the next batch of unit images for REN II while I have not blogged or posed updates for a while work has carried on however. Here are the first 75 of the next 210 unit portraits I now have ready. These cover armies of the English state from the coronation of Henry VIII through to the death of Elizabeth I. 

To follow are 15 border's and rebels (for use in Pilgrimage of Grace) and other Tudor rebellion battles and skirmishes, 48 portraits for Scots national armies and 15 for independent highlanders either in revolt against the Scottish Government or acting as mercenaries in Ireland. Also ready to go are 30 unit portraits for traditional Irish troops and another 30 for the more modernised Irish forces participating in the 9 Years War.

Part of the reason for my delay in posting is that I have also been working on 10 separate sets of 2D object files which will replace the 1 generic set that featured in the original REN II mod beta version. This will be made available with the next beta version of the mod and is also fully compatible with the stock scenarios in the original HPS REN game. 2D graphics support is currently provided for 90 plus armies/factions from the 14th to the end of the 16th century in Europe and through to the early 18th century for some far eastern armies.

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