Its almost a month since my last blog, this is partly due to a holiday in Brussels (to celebrate by big 5 0 birthday) and partly because the stage of the mod I was working on has suffered from the modder’s equivalent of mission creep,

I had been planning to bring the leaders file up to the same state of coverage as its units equivalent. Among other things this included doing  leadership tiles for the various Balkan principalities. However as there was so much material available the coverage of the mod as now grown to include Balkan and Byzantine armies right back to the mid 14th Century. Something I had not planned to look at until all the 16th century armies I had planned were done. So look out for the armies of the 2nd Bulgarian Empire the Desperate of the Morea and the Catalan Grand Company.

Its also true that I fund that the part of the Units file dealing with generic Balkan troops was nowhere near extensive enough for even the 16th Century armies I had originally planned.  I am therefore working on a batch of 30 plus “Late Medieval Byzantine & Balkan” images to be added to the “units” file. I am also about halfway through the relevant generic leader images the first two lines of which are included in the extract from the “leaders” file included below.

You will see that since my last post I have also added leader tiles for the Holy Roman Empire, some additional Ottomans, both sides of the German Protestant Peasants revolt, the 16th Century Balkan states I had originally planned as well as middle and Late Hungarians.

Also posted below in its entirety is the part of the “leaders” file dealing with specific personalities. Here you will see that a couple of the minor 16th / early 17th century Balkan potentates appear twice. This is because they each ruled (briefly) different principalities at different times and more than once to boot.

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