26 Swiss leader images added to the REN II mod this week. Of these the 24 generic and regional leaders and flags are shown below.
You will see that where flags are square I have started to show them the right way up to get a bigger and clearer image whereas for other rectangular flags these are rotated 90 degrees to the right for the same reason. Rather than show the 2 specific Swiss leaders added I thought I would show the whole of that part of the “leaders” file given over to specific leaders and preview the 39 personalities in the mod so far. Here they are.

Next up leadership for armies of the Holy Roman Empire.

 Best wishes


Here, (along with a few Saxon, Danish and Swedish Leaders) to round out the Italian Leader images are the 16 images I have added to the mod for specific Italian generals.(mostly from the period of the Italian Wars) You will see that almost all of them have their family or personal coats of arms in the background rather than a national flag.

Where I am displaying a block of leaders like this any Royalty will be displayed first starting with the earliest to reign, the remaining leaders are then placed in the alphabetical order of their first names.

Here for example we have the one Royal, King Ferdinand II of Naples at the start followed by the Condottieri Alessandro Vitelli. On the row below one in from the left is  the infamous Cesare Borgia. The details of each and every leader together with their position on the leader file grid (necessary for scenario design purposes) is given in the latest version of the “Leader Image Planning Grid” file which will be included in the next beta release of the mod.

To make sure I identified all the suitable leaders for whom usable images were available I worked through a very useful gazetteer of the battles of the Italian Wars put up on the web by Wikipedia at


This provides links to the Wikipedia articles on each of the battles. In turn these articles give a list of commanders providing links to Wikipedia articles on each of these also.

Of course this information was provided for all nations major commanders so in order to save time I also made up leader tiles for all the relevant Spanish, imperialist, French, Swiss and few English leaders that I came across and or which images could be tracked down.  The 30 or so leader tiles have been put to one side and will greatly speed matters up when I come to add the respective nationalities to the mod. As it happens the Swiss and Imperialists are the next two sets of leaders I am going to create for the mod.

Happy New Year. Over the Christmas break I have added a further 90 generic leader and flag images to the REN II mod. There are 20 generic Lansquenet and Later 16th centenary mercenary leaders. 10 generic  Lansquenet flags and 4 for Lansquenet units in French service including 1 for the “Black Bands.

I have also done flags for the forces of the German Protestant princes and cities of the Schmalkaldic League, Denmark and Sweden. Finally there are 48 images for flags and generic leaders for the various Italian states. Work on numerous specific leaders / characters is also well advanced but not ready to show yet. For particular leaders and members as specific noble families, (where these are available) I will be putting the relevant family coat of arms or family banner rather than a national flag in the background behind the figure. Here they all are.

As with all leader and unit images for the mod, details of the identity of each and every images have been recorded in the relevant “Leader Panning Grid” and “Unit Planning Grid” files, fully updated versions of which will ship with the next beta version of the mod I plan to release later this year.

Complements of the season