Quite a lot to blog about this week.  I have added 15 generic Arab images to the "units" file, and have also started on the "leaders" file.  For this, I am planning that each army or force covered, will have a flag image and 3 generic leader images I'm allocating the first 500 slots in the 960 slot  "leaders" file to such generic images, the next 400 to portraits of specific leaders (Charles V Suleiman the Magnificent etc) and the remaining 60 images for flags of specific units.  I understand from HPS that there is nothing to stop me adding extra slots here up to and over 1000.

As things stand there are now 16 leader images in the "leaders" file 4  Mamluk, and 4 each for the 3 minor Turkoman Emirates of  Dulkadir, Karaman and Ramazan. All three were minor powers in eastern Anatolia in the 15th and early  16th centuries and fought both in their own right and as allies of the Ottoman, Mamluks and Safavids at various times.  They have no images in the "units" file of their own, but will use the 8 existing Turkoman images already there.  Please see below both the "units" file with the Arabs added, and the “leaders” file with the first 16 images described above.



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