At long last I have finished the specific leaders for my  late Medieval Balkan armies.  Part of the delay resulted from my needing to plough through John V A Fine's 622 page " The Late Medieval Balkans" in order to identify all the appropriate leaders & factions.

I think however it's been worth it as I now have a wide range of specific factions represented in the mod, including all ottoman rulers prior to 1453, and the necessary leaders and flags to do a 1389 battle of Kosovo scenario. While working on the specific leaders I also added new generic Bulgarian command units and added generic commanders for two of the larger Serbian sub national factions. All of the late medieval Balkan generic & specific leader portraits are shown below.
These graphics complete the new leader and unit portraits to be released with the second beta version of the REN II mod.  I will now start working on scenarios for this along with a little enhanced graphics surprise that will come out with the upcoming release of the  mod.

Also included below is a link to an MS Word document giving full details of the unit and leader portraits done for the mod so far.

If after having a look at these you would like to use them to design some scenarios for REN II please get in touch and I can arrange to let you have the necessary files.

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